3 main reasons to go glamping

unusual accommodation for glamping
Hanene SMATI

What is Glamping? 

You may not know it, but Glamping is the contraction of glamour and camping to designate an atypical campsite close to nature.
This phenomenon is now emerging as a trend that combines a desire to escape, a bohemian spirit and nature, all with the comfort of a hotel room.

Glamping enthusiasts

Eager to enjoy every moment and take the time to discover the wonders of this world in a spirit slow lifeGlamping enthusiasts are looking for a different way to travel.
One word of advice: Enjoy every moment!

The benefits of Glamping

Glamping has many virtues, both for people and for nature. Discover the 3 main advantages of Glamping and let yourself be tempted by this new form of tourism that combines nature and adventure, all in ecolodges as unusual as each other!

Cabin on stilts in the nature

1- Glamping allows you to disconnect from everyday life

What could be better than waking up to a natural and enchanting landscape, lulled by birdsong? Glamping is not just a trend, it's a state of mind where you learn to live with wildlife, far from the urban world and its routine.
If you are tired of noise, pollution, crowds and traffic, this green tourism will allow you to recharge your batteries with a feeling of "being alone in the world" while getting closer to nature.

Spend a night in a cabin to recharge your batteries

2- the opportunity to stay in an atypical and comfortable accommodation

The ecolodge combines the comfort of a hotel room with the simplicity of an ecological design.
Enjoy an unusual stay and spend an unusual night in nomadic accommodation of all kinds and shapes. From geodesic dome to the hut through the tiny housea wide choice is available to you! The advantage of these structures is that they offer optimal comfort and are as well equipped as a hotel room. You can sleep under the stars all year round and enjoy a breathtaking view without worrying about the weather.

Eco-friendly tiny house with a trendy design

3- By choosing slow tourism, you play an active role in protecting the environment

Ecolodges are built with recyclable and sustainable materials such as wood, limiting their footprint considerably. By taking advantage of a stilted or decked installation using screwed piles, this preserves the soil and avoids any concrete drips; unlike conventional construction which causes more pollution and deteriorates green spaces. Some ecolodges are built off-site, significantly reducing their ecological impact and avoiding nuisance to the neighbourhood.

As you can see, Glamping is not just a trend, but a path to take if we want to preserve green spaces and put an end to mass tourism. This totally innovative concept made its entry into France a few years ago and is gaining a following among holidaymakers who want to have an unforgettable experience while preserving the environment.

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