Airbnb encourages the creation of unusual accommodation

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Airbnb encourages the creation of unusual accommodation

It's time to travel local! Nature destinations are enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity, which has been greatly accelerated since the global covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, staycation (or holidays close to home) and local tourism have boomed in recent times. 
In particular, we are witnessing a revaluation of the French regions promoted by tourism players, such as Airbnb, who are taking advantage of this to readapt their offer and launch themselves into the unusual hotel market. Focus on France's leading hotelier !


Airbnb, a player in collaborative tourism

The world leader in holiday rentals is riding the wave of a more rural and responsible tourism of the future. According to the president of Airbnb France, Emmanuel Marill .
"The tricolour tourismTourism in France, which for a long time was concentrated in the Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regions, is now spreading out. Tomorrow, the small village of 300 inhabitants, which is neither in the mountains nor on the coast, but has its own charm, history and soil, will have hosts who will offer their farm or their mill. And these people will find interested travellers.

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With this in mind, the platform that has revolutionised the world of tourism has launched a new feature on its application: the "In the wild" collection offers a selection of accommodation in a rejuvenating and natural environment. This "Favourites Collection" is tailored to the needs of travellers in search of well-being.
As we saw in the article "Travelling differently with slow tourismAs we have seen in the article "Slow tourism", new tourist habits are emerging with a real return to the roots and the search for a more inspiring experience!

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A strategy for rural destinations

Cock-a-doodle-doo! This summer, most French holidaymakers opted for a stay within the country. Airbnb counted "nearly 100 new French destinations that welcomed a tourist for the first time". This confirms the phenomenon of domestic tourismThis confirms the phenomenon of the "holiday in France", with a renewed interest by the French in the beauty of our regions.
According to the platform, almost half of French people(45% of bookings) have turned to a rural holiday during the summer of 2021, compared to 24% during the same period in 2019. This need to reconnect with nature has therefore spread to the choice of destinations. Mountain and coastal departments such as the Var, Vaucluse and Pyrénées-Atlantique are among the top emerging destinations this year.  

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Taking advantage of the rural craze, Emmanuel Marill said .
"We note that new travel habits create new economic opportunities for many areas across France. We encourage all those considering joining the host community in France to take advantage of the current travel upturn - it not only provides additional income but also recovery - not only does it provide additional income but it also contribute to the revival of local economies.”.
Among its commitments to the regions, Airbnb is a partner of the Bienvenue à la ferme (Welcome to the Farm ) network and MiiMOSA (a participatory financing platform). For the past 4 years, their call for projects has aimed to supportagritourism in France. And it must be said that this approach is a real success! French rural hosts have obtained nearly 450 million euros of additional income since the beginning of the pandemic thanks to the rental of their accommodation. 

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More recently, the platform has entered into a partnership with the mayors of France's rural municipalities. The aim is to promote destinations in the countryside and to develop the creation of 15,000 accommodations before the beginning of 2022. To contribute to this, Airbnb also plans to invest 100 euros for each new rural rental advert. This is enough to attract project owners who are still hesitant...

The open-air hotel industry is booming

Keeping up to date with the times through its rural actions, the platform is adapting to the demand and new ways of travelling. According to their study, long stays are constantly on the rise since the teleworking craze. This nomadic lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular and Airbnb has taken advantage of this to launch the "Everywhere at home" competition, which allows those selected to travel around the world for one year (from July 2021 to July 2022). This programme reveals the platform's ambition to innovate by proposing new offers and experiences. 

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But that's not all... Have you noticed the new posters advertising your bus stops or metro stations? After rurality and nomadism, Airbnb is entering the unusual market! In 2020, the company launched a $1 million fund to help finance 10 unique, sustainable and unexpected accommodation projects. Like our work for Alpin d'Hôme, an atypical hotel in the heart of the Alps, FUGU Hospitality adapts to all your most challenging projects to offer you made to measure !

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Searches for these atypical accommodations are booming on the platform, with a 70% increase this year. According to Airbnb, these ecolodges are now among the most booked accommodations in the world on their rental site! Discover our panel of innovative and high-end accommodations to create a hotel complex in your image: 
  • The Wooden Domefor nature lovers in search of well-being
  • The house Kodawith a contemporary and minimalist style 
  • The Lushna Hutromantic and glamorous
  • The Halo Dometotally transparent for a panoramic view

Finally, the former start-up launched a new development strategy focused on rural and unusual tourism. Unusual experiences in the open air are increasingly attractive to travellers. Airbnb is therefore presenting this trend as a real opportunity for investors and project leaders who want to develop their own glamping site.
Don't hesitate, follow our best advice to create your own hotel estate in the middle of nature!

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