KODA, an ecological and removable house with innovative architecture

KODA House
Leah Woznica

 Innovative unusual accommodation

The Estonian company Kodasema, a specialist in architecture and engineering since 2013, creates innovative solutions dedicated to the housing sector. As part of the trend for alternative houses, these minimalist and uncluttered structures combine simplicity, freedom and sustainability. Indeed, the creator Hannes Tamjärv wished to develop a concept of nomadic and ecological house by its small space allowing a lesser impact on the environment:

Founder of KODASEMA

"The initial idea when Kodasema started was to stop wasting energy and to start reducing energy consumption in the construction industry as well. Smaller living spaces often automatically mean that less energy is required, leaving less floor space. These ideas eventually led to KODA. It is because of this innovative idea that these modular structures have won no less than 10 architecture awards since 2016, including the award for the best prefabricated house 2020. 

Their excellence in architectural design was also recognised in 2018 at the DNA Paris Design Awards, winning in the Interior Design/Sustainable Living and Architecture/Green Architecture categories.

An ecological house

Its construction meets high ecological standards. Indeed, Kodasema reduces the waste and CO2 footprint in its construction industry.  

Made of resistant and local materials, these wooden houses equipped with triple glazing and LED lighting, aim to respect the surrounding nature while designing a trendy and modern ecolodge.

Thus, these innovative structures contribute to sustainable and responsible tourism by being part of a desire to develop an ecological hotel industry.

KODA ecological house

Minimalist architecture 


These minimalist structures provide all the comfort of a classic hotel room thanks to their layout, which creates a cocooning and relaxing living space.

Thanks to its special layout and optimised space, the KODA house offers considerable space savings. In addition, the unique design creates an impression of grandeur thanks to the light atmosphere and the high ceiling.

Its contemporary architecture is in line with the trend towards pragmatic and relaxed interior design. Thus, this real place to live in the middle of nature responds to a need for tranquillity, and guarantees a healthy and serene environment.

KODA ecological house

A Plug and Play house

Offering the latest high-tech equipment, the Nordic know-how in terms of design architecture is recognised throughout the world. Thus, the KODA house promises quality and modernity to its future user. 

Moreover, this type of structure requires only a few hours of installation. Indeed, these mini houses, prefabricated and delivered quickly in one piece, can be easily placed on vacant lots and will meet the expectations of a nomadic hotel industry. The ingenuity of its installation procedure means that your tourist accommodation project can be set up in just one day. 

With the aim of being multifunctional, the KODA structure allows multiple uses of its interior and adapts to different projects. Indeed, it is totally customizable and its size can go from 20m2 to 50m2 according to your needs.

KODA ecological house

An excellent alternative for the open-air hotel industry

Finally, the KODA structures can accommodate couples, families or even groups of friends, and are fully in line with a quality nomadic hotel offer. These innovative and sustainable accommodations are distinguished by their elegance and minimalist design. 

Adapting to the evolution of the tourism industry, this unique concept allows the development of a singular project within the promising sector of the open-air hotel industry. The consideration of the environment in the hotel industry is becoming the high point around which the hotel industry of tomorrow is heading.

KODA ecological house

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