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The Dôme Bois, the ecolodge that fits perfectly with nature

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Le Dôme Bois, an ecolodge in the heart of nature

Like the slow tourism trend, the ecological aspect is now fully integrated into the hotel world. Would you like to develop a glamping site that offers travellers an immersion in nature? The choice of a sustainable and environmentally friendly structure is now essential in the context of an ethical and responsible approach.
The Wooden Dome, both luminous and intimate, is distinguished by its rounded shape which gives it a warm and comforting atmosphere. These atypical cocoons can be installed in any environment and allow you to disconnect from everyday life for a 100% zen stay!  

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Wood, the ecological material par excellence

Coming straight from the Scandinavian countries, the trend of wooden architecture is increasingly appealing to hotel professionals who want to create a warm and uncluttered hotel concept.
Made up of 99% natural materials, wood has become a key element in our constructions. Remember that it is the only material that absorbs CO2 instead of rejecting it, which gives it an exemplary carbon footprint! Its use in the construction of our domes also allows it to absorb water to obtain an ideal hygrometry.

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Forthermal insulation purposes, the optimal solution is to opt for a 15 to 20 cm thick framework made of wood fibre or other bio-sourced material. Despite the additional cost, we are keen to offer this more ecological option to our clients in order to provide maximum interior comfort for the structure. The phase shift principle system, whereby the wood fibre absorbs the heat of the day and transmits it back at night, allows for a controlled temperature, especially in the summer during hot weather.
Wood has the advantage of being a modern, durable and easy-to-maintain material, which is perfect for your future eco-friendly hotel estate. Do you prefer a contemporary or industrial style? For a personalised finish to suit your image and the desired effect, we offer several types of wood: oak, chestnut, etc.

A conscientious construction method

We pay particular attention to our construction methods and the materials we work with. In order to preserve soil infiltration, we opt for a system of installation on piles or terraces using screwed piles. This approach is fully in line with our 0 concrete policy.
Moreover, the geodesic shape of our domes has several advantages! In addition to being unusual, it is easy to heat thanks to the natural homogenisation of the air and its design allows a maximum use of space with a minimum of surface area. This reduces the energy and material costs necessary for its construction. 

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Inspired by the latest innovations, we attach great importance to the finishing of our structures by using resistant materials. For example, we opt for steel connectors, which are both malleable and light, or stainless steel for larger beams. It must be said that these materials have a lifespan of about ten years!

We also offer 2 options for the transparent part of the dome: a crystal PVC membrane or glass. PVC has the advantage of being cheaper and easier to install, while glass is more durable but more expensive. As an improvement, we plan to replace the PVC with double glazing, which offers better insulation thanks to a solar reflection system. Did you know that? Unlike single glazing, double glazing retains 40% more heat !

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Finally, our dome fabrics come from the Italian specialist Serge Ferrari and the German company Mehler, who offer innovative products with high durability, thanks in particular to a very strong and light polyester. This material is highly resistant to UV, weathering and fading.

To provide you with an optimal insulation solution, these lightweight structures are heated/air-conditioned and equipped with solar ventilation. They are also protected against humidity by the rain screen we add.

We act daily in an effort to improvement approach to offer you the best quality/price/performance. Our aim is to provide you with more environmentally friendly solutions while guaranteeing a high quality finish.

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A bubble of peace in a natural environment

Whether it's windy or snowy, our wooden domes are a real cocoon! Between comfort and durability, they allow you to preserve the natural spaces you wish to develop. 
By combining nature and conviviality, these trendy structures allow you to create the ideal hotel concept for lovers of original getaways.

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Their unique architecture allows for a breathtaking view of the landscape. As we have seen with Airbnb's rural development strategy, the new generation of travellers is looking for an immersion in nature in a rejuvenating setting. Always in search of innovative experiences, these adventure lovers will be able to satisfy their need for freedom within your future glamping site!

With several options available, these top-of-the-range accommodations can be adapted to your project. With a surface area of 20, 30 or 40m2, they are suitable for several types of travellers: families, friends, couples and even solo wanderers! Equipped with private bathrooms, we can also offer you a tailor-made interior design.
Our smallest dome, with a capacity of 2 people, does not require planning permission. Do you dream of installing a guest room in your garden? This atypical structure is the ideal choice for travellers advocating green tourism!

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Finally, whether you want to create a natural resort concept or diversify your housing offer, the Wooden Domes allow you to differentiate yourself and increase your attractiveness. The FUGU team, experts in complex installations, will meet all your challenges and accompany you from design to installation.
Like our Alpin D'Hôme project in the heart of Les Orres, offer a unique and eco-friendly experience by opting for these cosy little nests.

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