The 6 essential elements to prepare your quote

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 The 6 essential elements for preparing your project estimate

Would you like to invest in a glamping site? Are you interested in our unusual accommodation solutions? In order to propose an offer adapted to your needs, we need precise data to estimate the feasibility of your project and to prepare a proper estimate. 
Here are the 6 essential elements to gather for a quote as close to reality as possible.

1. The website address

Once you have filled in your personal details, we need to know theexact address of the site where you plan to install the structures. This will allow us to see your exact location so that we can begin to estimate the possibilities of setting up.
If the site is in the open or does not have a specific number, a GPS point is required.

2. The cadastral plan and the desired location

In order to go further in the feasibility approach of your project, it is ideal to send us a cadastral plan of the land concerned. This graphic document illustrates the parcels, sections, buildings and covering elements of a territory. 
The website allows you to search, consult and order the representation of the desired area. As an official site, the map sheets of your parcels will be sent to you free of charge

To get a clearer picture of your project, the future location of the structures is also important information. Do not hesitate to tell us if this location is negotiable or prohibitive so that we can (or not) consider a more advantageous solution. 
As we explained in the article on the 3 essential points for creating an ecological gîte: "Choosing the location of accommodation structures requires examining in advance the different orientations you wish to offer your future clients. Various elements should then be taken into account such as the rate of sunshine and the wind trajectory."

3. Photos of the site

Having access to photos of the site will not only allow us to anticipate the different access areas, but also to identify potential problems related to the nature of the site: flood zone, presence of a house or building nearby, etc. 
These elements can potentially alter the calculation of the estimate or lead to future complications. For example, residents of a nearby dwelling may have recourse to third parties due to obstructed vision. 
By providing us with these photos, we will also be able to visualise the slope of the land in order to estimate whether ground levelling will be necessary and/or whether the accommodation structures will have to be placed on a platform.

photo analysis accommodation project

4. The desired model(s) and surface

Do you want to create a site that exclusively offers Lushna cabins? Or would you rather install different types of accommodation, opting for both the KODA house and the Wooden Domes or Halo? We need to know which products that correspond to your project: https: //
In addition to the desired model(s), knowing the area involved will allow us to estimate the number of units that can be installed. However, bear in mind that proposing too many different structures could blur the overall vision and the specific positioning you want.

dome bois alpin dhome
unusual mini-hut
koda house tiny house
transparent dome

5. Type of use

Whether you want to open a farmhouse, have a holiday home or create a multi-room hotel concept, defining the type of use for your project is essential. 
This information is essential in order to better understand your issues and to set up a coherent project to present and defend it to the various stakeholders.

6. Steps already taken

Have you started the necessary steps to set up accommodation structures? We know thaturban planning represents a considerable constraint for the holders of unusual accommodation projects. This is why we offer you tailor-made support.
We also offer lodges without planning permission, such as the Lushna hut and the Koda house, as long as they do not exceed 20m2.  
Finally, these 6 pieces of information are essential for us to provide you with an accurate quote. This allows us to target the optimal location possibilities in order to maximise the chances of success for your project. For more details, find our best advice on the article "Creating an unusual accommodation: mistakes to avoid".For more details, see our best advice on the article "Land and regulations", which lists the land and regulatory aspects to be taken into consideration.

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