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Hand-crafted manufacturing and choice of environmentally friendly materials

FUGU® Hospitality imagines, develops and markets unusual eco-lodges for outdoor hotels. Our goal: to build more natural habitats without disturbance and to provide a new experience.

Wooden construction

Wood: a natural material par excellence

Wood is by definition natural and renewable. Made up of 99% natural origin, wood is the only material that stores carbon instead of emitting it.

Compared to traditional solutions, the transformation of wood into engineered materials (CLT, LVL or glued laminated timber) and its transportation require less energy and therefore significantly less CO2 emissions, giving wooden structures an exemplary carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint

A controlled carbon footprint

Due to its shape, the dome allows for heat distribution and a significant heat flow exchange. These buildings have less surface area exposed to outside temperature transfers.

Also, the installation system of our structures allows us to limit the saturation of the soil by taking advantage of installations on stilts or terraces. These light structures preserve the respiration of the soil.


Our particularity? Insulation worthy of a traditional installation

We build our products with the utmost care, using reinforced insulation inspired by new construction to achieve low energy consumption.

By combining a wooden structure, traditional thermal insulation, but also a ventilation and moisture protection system, we offer you an optimal insulation solution.

According to your request and the site of installation, our technical team adapts and thinks about the insulation of your structures.


Thermal insulation inspired by traditional construction processes

Due to its rounded shape, the geodesic dome is easy to heat and as it has no angular corners, it favours heat distribution. These buildings have less surface area exposed to outside temperature fluctuations, making them less sensitive to heat and cold than a cuboid structure.

On the other hand, we design our products with the utmost care and using reinforced insulation inspired by new constructions, allowing for low energy consumption.

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