Frequently Asked Questions

In the course of our meetings with professionals in the sector and our clients, we have shortlisted a selection of questions inherent to the unusual hotel business
The price of a standard geodesic dome is 24 900 eur excluding VAT. This price includes the complete framework, membrane and the installation of the dome. However, there are many options available and every project is different. Sites with steep slopes, marshy areas, sites difficult to access, number of domes, desired customizations = each project gives rise to a detailed estimate and adapted to faithfully meet the needs of our customers.
A geodesic dome is self-supporting: it supports itself without the need for columns or bearing walls inside. The framework of our domes and the geodesic architecture gives a unique structural rigidity for all-weather wear. Extremely resistant to wind, the geodesic dome is one of the preferred structures to be placed in in the wilderness. The geodesic dome is a structure made up of triangles that offers a geometric and refined shape. This design allows weight to be evenly distributed over the entire floor area to ensure optimal stability and excellent structural rigidity. We have already installed our geodesic structures at high altitudes: Méribel, Tignes, Courchevel, etc... Our structures have withstood, in particular, heavy winter storms (snow and wind) over the past three years without encountering any kind of problem.
We are covered by a ten-year insurance policy. It covers certain damage that may affect the solidity of the construction or make it unsuitable for its intended use, and this for a period of 10 years from the date of acceptance of the work. We insure our PVC blockout membranes for 2 years.
Not necessarily. It depends on your budget, number of modules and hotel concept. For comfort reasons, our customers often opt for a water & electricity connection, but they are not always able to afford it. It is also possible to opt for innovative water purification systems offering autonomy solutions and network emancipation. Shower water or grey water is collected, disinfected and recycled in real time for immediate reuse. As transportable closed-circuit systems, these natural solutions save resources, especially in regions facing water stress.
Yes. The only standard element in each of our products is the dome frame. A wide range of customization possibilities are available: membrane color, finishes, interior, openings, etc. Contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

Due to its rounded shape, the geodesic dome is easy to heat, and since it has no angular corners, it favours heat distribution. These buildings have less surface area exposed to fluctuations in outside temperatures, making them less sensitive to heat and cold than a cuboid structure. On the other hand, we design our products with the utmost care, using reinforced insulation inspired by new buildings, resulting in lower energy consumption compared to buildings of the same size.

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