An ethical approach

From design to installation

Building the hotel industry of tomorrow in a sustainable way

Integrate sustainable elements in the architecture of our structures for an ethical and responsible tourism

Materials chosen for a sustainable construction

We implement in an innovative way a sustainable and ecological construction method through the choice of our materials in order to guarantee you quality and durability

FUGU materialsOur approach to materials

An environmental impact controlled at every stage

We ensure the reversibility of our structures and a low energy consumption to preserve the green land as much as possible

SustainableThoughtful design

Trusting relationships throughout the design process

We favour European manufacturing and maintain close and trustworthy ties with our partner manufacturers

Human A human enterprise

An ethical and environmentally friendly approach

Lightweight facilities
Lightweight installations with limited impact on soil, fauna and flora
Recycled Materials
A design between waste limitation and reuse of raw materials
Materials and methods chosen to limit our ecological impact
Relationships of trust between manufacturers, suppliers, craftsmen and customers

Wood at the heart of our structures

Wood is by definition natural and renewable. Being 99% natural, wood is the only material that stores carbon instead of emitting it.

Compared to traditional solutions, the transformation of wood into engineered materials (CLT, LVL or glued laminated timber) and its transport require less energy and therefore significantly less CO2 emissions, which gives wooden structures an exemplary carbon footprint.

Detail Wood

Reducing the carbon footprint of our structures

Our approach is to use responsible manufacturing techniques.

By choosing reinforced insulation, we sustainably reduce energy needs, thus limiting the environmental impact.
We also favour the use of screw piles to preserve the land and keep it in its natural state; making our accommodation as ecological as possible for a healthy and protected environment.


Ethically designed

Each structure meets strict requirements in terms of the quality of the materials, the quality of the finish and the quality of use; all designed to offer you a common service: that of limiting unnecessary energy expenditure through a durable, quality structure that will accompany you for a long time.


Lightweight structures for protected landscapes

We have at heart to limit as much as possible our impact on the environment and this up to the impact of the installation of our structures.
Our structures are thought to allow a reversibility of the installations and the respect of the fauna and the flora.

The system of installation of our structures makes it possible to limit the saturation of the grounds by taking advantage of an installation on piles or terrace using screwed piles, which makes it possible to preserve the grounds and to avoid any drop of concrete

Tiny House

An ethical and human approach.

Behind our structures is a very concrete ambition; that of creating experiences rich in emotions within unusual accommodations that respect the environment.
By choosing our partners, we also choose to work with people who share the same values as we do.

Our objective is to help you discover original, quality ecolodges and to accompany you throughout your project, from conception to installation.

Koda Float

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